Showroom Furniture from Dreamseat

Are you having a hard time deciding where to buy your furniture?  When you Google furniture stores a long list appears but which one is best for you?  If you are looking for something unique and rare for your Showroom Furniture then Dreamseat is the place for you!



Incorporate our Dreamseat custom logo furniture into your showroom today for quality furniture with ability that no other furniture has- the ability to change a logo in seconds on the same chair! Advertise future promotions, celebrate special accomplishments or just promote your brand with our XZipit logo panels.

Dreamseat Custom Courtside Furniture

The courtside VIP area is always a very big revenue generator for any sports team or arena. Imagine being able to make extra money by getting your VIP area sponsored and allowing that sponsor to be able to brand each seat in the VIP area with their corporate logo or the team’s logo.


If multiple teams play in the arena or the corporate sponsor changes, the logo panel is the only thing that needs to change and our branded furniture will display a different team’s or corporation’s logo in seconds.


Our XZipit Row One chairs will not only give your team or arena the chance to make more money but will also enhance your fans VIP experience with their look and comfort.

Irresistible Waiting Room Furniture

Many of us spend most of our time in line, waiting for what may seem like an eternity. We flip through magazines and drop a few deep sighs here and there, wishing time could just move a little faster. But if we had distractions to take our minds off of the boredom, things would be different. Perhaps a newly designed foyer or lobby area will brighten things up!



Dreamseat logo furniture gives you the chance to really make your waiting room stand out by branding your furniture with your logo. Turn your waiting room into more of a lounge environment while still keeping it classy and simple with our XCalibur or Chesapeake collections.

Awesome Interior Bar Furniture

Creating an amazing interior design is anything but simple. What will your restaurant, bar or cafe’s style be like? When you think about just how much goes into the design of the perfect restaurant interior, you’ll gain a whole new appreciation for these wondrously designed interior spaces.


Our Dreamseat logo furniture can improve multiple aspects of your bar and enhance the overall experience for your customers which will lead to repeat business.


Our bar stool line is ideal for your establishment because of our patented XZipit interchangeable logo technology which allows you to promote your brand or show your support for your local teams.

Lobby Furniture at Dreamseat

The lobby is responsible for creating the first impression when entering a home, office, hotel, etc. It’s also the last space you see before you exit so it should really stand out with its design. However, the lobby or, as it’s sometimes called, the entrance hall, tends to be neglected.



The fact is that decorating this space is not as easy as it may seem and the task can prove to be challenging ad surprisingly difficult.  Dreamseat’s logo furniture gives your company the chance to really make your lobby stand out by branding your lobby furniture with your corporate logo, logos for the local college or pro sports team or anything that you choose.

Conference Room Furniture Ideas

Conference rooms in an office are regarded as the most disciplined, and professional-looking room, while a majority of the high-ranking officials sit here together to discuss various important issues, monopolies, key business decisions, new product launching, and other business meetings.



Our Dreamseat Conference room furniture is an ideal fit for any conference room as they have the ability for your organization to brand your logo on the chairs so these decisions can be made while showing the pride in your company or organization. Not to mention that they are super comfortable and look great.


Commercial and Domestic Interiors

Dreamseat specializes in providing exceptional furniture and services for commercial interiors. We offer experience, knowledge and openness, adding a specific value to the furniture specification and procurement process.



Our success expands across projects in commercial offices, educational, recreational informal and outdoor spaces. Get comfortable with your brand. Showcase your company, school, organization or brand with Dreamseat’s logo furniture.


Commercial Furniture Manufacturers NY

Dreamseat is a manufacturer of fine quality discount commercial furniture. We pride ourselves on the quality and value for money of our furniture. We make hospitality furniture and other business furniture.




All our items are suitable for home or commercial purposes. Turn a mere space, into a Living Space with Dreamseat commercial logo furniture. We offer superior quality and design at competitive prices.

Customized Theater Furniture at Dreamseat

Imagine its opening night for the newest and hottest movie or show and the anticipation is palpable. Now imagine that every seat in the house is branded with the movie or show that is currently playing. We offer the only quality seats in the world that can be customized in seconds to the event or show playing, which will enhance the experience and excitement involved with the theater going experience.



You can promote your upcoming movies or shows on your interchangeable logo furniture or use the XZipit function to generate additional revenue for your theater. Make people feel at home at your theater by giving them a true VIP experience with our Home Theater Recliners or Row One’s.