Farmingville Lounge Furniture

Show off your community pride by branding your furniture with your town, state or even country logo, symbol or flag.


Our Home Office Chairs are perfect for a conference room seating where important decisions get made about the goings on in the community. In addition our stationary collections would be ideal for the waiting area in any municipal or government building.


Budweiser Thirst Inning VIP Suite Row One Seating

Promote your brand like you’ve never been able to before through unique bottler programs, displays, product launches, events, sweepstakes, offices and more.



Customize to your brands when you want and where you want to create that memorable brand experience. Brings “Best Seats in the House” to a whole other level. Change as the seasons change. Generate additional revenue or brand awareness. For more info visit :

Colorado Buffaloes Locker Room

The University of Colorado came to DreamSeat looking to upgrade their football team’s locker room. We felt that the Colorado Buffaloes deserved the highest quality of chairs. We supplied them with 21 of our black Home Theater Recliners. Our Home Recliner is the highest quality reclining chair on the market. The chair combines contemporary design with ultimate comfort due to its sleek look and reclining frame with lumbar and leg support.


We made sure the Colorado Buffaloes felt at home in their new locker room by customizing our chairs with the Buffaloes logo. With an average stitch count of 70,000 stitches, our logos are loaded with vibrant colors and high quality stitching. Since all of our embroidery is done in-house, we were able to maintain top quality control and a quick turnaround time.

When the Colorado Buffaloes finally saw their new locker room they were jumping for joy. Most of them didn’t want to go home; they said they wanted to live in the locker room. They feel the love and support from their school and donators “It gives you a sense of gratification,” offensive tackle Jeromy Irwin said. “You want to thank the staff, the athletic director, the people who donated. It gives you confidence that they believe in us.” The Bluffs plan to give back to the school by bringing in more money, more fans, and a winning season!

Charlotte Motor Speedway at Dreamseat

The Charlotte Motor Speedway came to Dreamseat looking to upgrade their VIP Suites. Charlotte Motor Speedway hosts NASCAR racing including, the prestigious Coca-Cola 600, the Sprint All-Star Race, as well as the Bank of America 500. They wanted to make sure that it also carried the highest quality of seating for the VIPs to watch these races comfortably


We replaced their fixed seating section with 24 of our VIP Row One seats. Row One is the ultimate in a VIP theater designed chair. The Row One has a rocker back with padded seat, which puts this chair in a class of its own.  Furnishing their bar suite with our DreamSeat line of logo furniture; VIP guests can now lounge on our silver loveseat and sofa, and also sit comfortably on our bar stools and pub tables.


Dreamseat at University of Miami

Dreamseat logo furniture specialize in the furnishing of Collegiate athletic facilities and student lounges throughout the country. No College/University is too big or too small. Brand your territory. Commemorate special games or championships.


Generate additional revenue from sponsors and partners by having the ability to customize their brands throughout your venue…and change anytime. Our main areas of focus are student lounges, team rooms, locker rooms, coaching offices, player lounges, luxury suites, conference rooms, reception areas, film rooms, or any VIP area.