Custom Waiting Room at Pittsburgh

Few things in this world are more tedious than waiting for an important appointment in the waiting room. Most waiting rooms don’t really stand out and at best will offer a magazine or two for you to glance at. Our Dreamseat Logo furniture gives you the chance to really make your waiting room stand out by branding your furniture with your logo.


Turn your waiting room into more of a lounge environment while still keeping it classy and simple with our XCalibur or Chesapeake collections.

Indian Head Customized Theater Furniture

Imagine its opening night for the newest and hottest movie or show and the anticipation is palpable. Now imagine that every seat in the house is branded with the movie or show that is currently playing. We offer the only quality seats in the world that can be customized in seconds to the event or show playing, which will enhance the experience and excitement involved with the theater going experience.


You can promote your upcoming movies or shows on your interchangeable Dreamseat logo panels or use the Dreamseat function to generate additional revenue for your theater. Make people feel at home at your theater by giving them a true VIP experience with our Home Theater Recliners or Row One’s.