Cincinnati Bengals Locker Room

The locker room is the player’s haven. A place where they can be themselves, relax and get away from the fans, media and general pressure that they have to perform. It is only fitting that your team should make the locker room as friendly and as comfortable as possible.

Pretty much all of our furniture is a perfect fit for your locker room. Whether it is office chairs or folding logo chairs for each players locker area or recliners or sofas for the lounge area, DreamSeat has you covered. Your players will not only be comfortable but they will take immense pride in the team when they see the logo all over the furniture.


EA Sports Game Time Display

Show off your corporate logo and enhance your brand by using our interchangeable logo furniture in your next display at a trade show or store.

People will recognize your brand better and your logo will be seeped into their consciousness when they see it on such a unique product such as our Dreamseat Furniture.