Northwestern Recovery Room

Improve circulation and relieve muscle tension with our Recovery Room Collection. Whether it’s a custom recliner with your branding or one of our Massage and Zero Gravity Chairs, you’ll find the perfect fit for your facility.


Officially licensed by the MLB, NBA, NHL, Colleges, GM, EPL, and much more. All furniture is commercial-grade and designed to last in the toughest environments.



Trusted By Hundreds Of Facilities

Join the many professional and athletic facilities that already utilize the XZipit logo system.

High-Quality Logo Embroidery

Logos are loaded with vibrant colors and high quality stitching. All embroidery is done in-house to maintain top quality control and turnaround time. (70,000 Average stitch count).

Patented XZipit System

Our patented interchangeable logo panel system allows the user to have the flexibility to change logos on XZipit furniture in seconds.

Something For Every Budget!

Don’t break the bank to renovate your space. DreamSeat offers a wide range of options so there is a piece of furniture of reveryone. No job is too big or small…

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Custom Lobby Furniture , LR

Let’s face it… Few things in this world are more tedious than waiting for an important appointment in the lobby.

Most lobbies’ don’t really stand out and at best will offer a magazine or two for you to glance at.


Our logo furniture gives your company the chance to really make your lobby stand out by branding your lobby furniture with your corporate logo, logos for the local college or pro sports team or anything that you choose.

Turn your lobby into more of a lounge environment while still keeping it classy and simple with our XCalibur or Chesapeake collections. These Club Chairs, Loveseats and Sofas are ideal for this setting and will bring some color and excitement to a place that is normally drab and boring.

Middle Island FD Day Room

Whether it is a Hospital, Fire House or Military Institution, the Day Room is everybody’s favorite place to kick back and relax. Take pride in your organizations Day Room by utilizing our Logo Furniture and brand your Day Room with your logo in every seat.


Our Home Theater Recliners are ideal for this setting as they allow everyone to unwind in complete comfort while our XCalibur Sofas are the perfect complement to the recliners.

Verizon Field Seats

The courtside VIP area is always a very big revenue generator for any sports team or arena.

Imagine being able to make extra money by getting your VIP area sponsored and allowing that sponsor to be able to brand each seat in the VIP area with their corporate logo or the team’s logo.


If multiple teams play in the arena or the corporate sponsor changes, the XZipit logo panel is the only thing that needs to change and the furniture will display a different team’s or corporation’s logo in seconds.

Our XZipit Row One logo chairs will not only give your team or arena the chance to make more money but will also enhance your fans VIP experience with their look and comfort.

Draft Kings Bar Furniture

Our Logo Furniture can improve multiple aspects of your bar and enhance the overall experience for your customers which will lead to repeat business.

Our bar stool line is ideal for your establishment because of our patented XZipit interchangeable logo technology which allows you to promote your brand or show your support for your local teams.


No other furniture gives you the ability to transform your bar from season to season in seconds as your furniture could display the logo for the local basketball team during basketball season and your panels can be changed to the local baseball team without having to buy new stools!

Marist Custom Office Furniture

There are many benefits to incorporating our logo furniture into your office. Give your employees the freedom to choose what type of chair they sit in as they could choose the logo panel for their office chair.


Each employee has different interests and they will surely be happy campers if they have the ability to customize the chair that they sit in for 8+ hours a day to their liking.

Brand your waiting area or lounge with your corporate logo for a great look which will no doubt impress your visiting clients.

Branded Furniture for Golf & Country Club

Showcasing your logo throughout for your Country Club Lobby, Members Locker Rooms, Clubhouse, Bar, Restaurant, Dining Room, offices, or Outdoor space easily reinforces your brand.

If you are looking to enhance your brand, retain current members while attracting new ones, provide a luxurious experience while improving the overall customer satisfaction,  DreamSeat offers a wide variety of custom branded furniture including pub tables, lobby furniture, sofas, love seats, recliners, club chairs, end tables, a large selection of outdoor furniture and more.


Impressing your customers, guests, prospective new members, and staff by displaying your logo with our custom embroidery.

Utilize the interchangeable logo system to change the look of your furniture, for any type event, recognize an employee or for a corporate brand guidelines change.

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Lounge Furniture at Conquistador

Ensure that your cigar, vapor, or hookah lounge is the place to be by adding our custom (embroidered) leather furniture.

Not only do our products offer unmatched durability and comfort, but they also offer a patented logo system that leads to revenue generation and endless branding possibilities for lounges/clubs.



All furniture is commercial-grade and designed to last in the toughest environments. Officially licensed by the MLB, NBA, NHL, Colleges, GM, EPL, and much more.

Trusted By Cigar Clubs Across The Country!

Join the many, high schools, private/charter schools, and collegiate that are currently using our DreamSeat line of furniture. Unzip your school’s potential!

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Security Detection Conference Rooms

The conference room is where important decisions get made every day regarding every aspect of a company or government institution.

Our XZipit Home Office Logo Chairs are an ideal fit for any conference room as they have the ability for your organization to brand your logo on the chairs so these decisions can be made while showing the pride in your company or organization.


Not to mention that they are super comfortable and look great, and if your organizations logo happens to change you will not need to purchase new chairs and waste all of that money.

All you would need to do is get new XZipit logo panels and your chairs can display the new logo in seconds.

New Orleans Saints Stadium Furniture

Join the many teams and organizations that utilize our full line of furniture throughout their facilities.

Whether it is locker rooms,  offices, luxury suites, clubhouses, VIP sections, skyboxes, courtside or spectator seating there is not one area of your stadium that DreamSeat products would not improve.


Give your fans the best seat in the house by using our Suitemax or Recliners as a VIP section within your stadium or arena.

DreamSeat can help you commemorate special games or championships with our interchangeable logos or generate additional revenue from sponsors by displaying their brand in the most coveted seating sections throughout your venue.