Real Salt Lake Rowone Courtside Chairs

The courtside VIP area is always a very big revenue generator for any sports team or arena.

Imagine being able to make extra money by getting your VIP area sponsored and allowing that sponsor to be able to brand each seat in the VIP area with their corporate logo or the team’s logo.


If multiple teams play in the arena or the corporate sponsor changes, the XZipit logo panel is the only thing that needs to change and the furniture will display a different team’s or corporation’s logo in seconds.

Our XZipit Row One logo chairswill not only give your team or arena the chance to make more money but will also enhance your fans VIP experience with their look and comfort.

Saints Professional Stadium & Facility Furniture

Join the many teams and organizations that utilize our full line of furniture throughout their facilities.

Whether it is locker rooms, offices, luxury suites, clubhouses, VIP sections, skyboxes, courtside or spectator seating there is not one area of your stadium that DreamSeat products would not improve.


Give your fans the best seat in the house by using our Suitemax or Recliners as a VIP section within your stadium or arena.

DreamSeat can help you commemorate special games or championships with our interchangeable logos or generate additional revenue from sponsors by displaying their brand in the most coveted seating sections throughout your venue.

TIM Medical / IV Furniture

Take your wellness facility to the next level with DreamSeat’s custom branded furniture. Our options are commercial grade, easy to clean, and come equipped with an antimicrobial finish. Not to mention the endless branding and marketing capabilities our patented logo system provides.

Antimicrobial Finish

Inhibits the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, mold, and mildew.


Commercial-Grade Quality

DreamSeat furnishings are designed for commercial environments and are built to last

Interchangeable Logo System

Create new streams of revenue via sponsorship’s on the furniture

Custom Designs

Don’t see exactly what you need? Let us know, we can design ANY furniture you need

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FAU Collegiate Sports Furniture

Dreamseat specialize in the furnishing of Collegiate athletic facilities and student lounges throughout the country.

No College/University is too big or too small. Brand your territory. Commemorate special games or championships.


Generate additional revenue from sponsors and partners by having the ability to customize their brands throughout your venue…and change anytime.

Our main areas of focus are student lounges, team rooms, locker rooms, coaching offices, player lounges, luxury suites, conference rooms, reception areas, film rooms, or any VIP area.

Farmingville FD Day Room

Whether it is a Hospital, Fire House or Military Institution, the Day Room is everybody’s favorite place to kick back and relax. Take pride in your organizations Day Room by utilizing our Logo Furniture and brand your Day Room with your logo in every seat.


Our Home Theater Recliners are ideal for this setting as they allow everyone to unwind in complete comfort while our XCalibur Sofas are the perfect complement to the recliners.


Nationals Logo Furniture

One of the settings that our furniture is absolutely ideal for is your film or media room.

Our Row One and Excel logo chairs are perfect for this setting as they combine the feel of sitting in a theater environment with the look that lets you know exactly where you are.


These chairs also come with optional tablets so your players can take notes on the game film they are watching or the coach’s instructions.

Recruits will be wowed by the amazing look that our chairs provide and your existing players will love the fact that their school or team logo is branded right into the back of every seat.

LR Lobby Furniture

Let’s face it… Few things in this world are more tedious than waiting for an important appointment in the lobby. Most lobbies’ don’t really stand out and at best will offer a magazine or two for you to glance at.

Our logo furniture gives your company the chance to really make your lobby stand out by branding your lobby furniture with your corporate logo, logos for the local college or pro sports team or anything that you choose.


Turn your lobby into more of a lounge environment while still keeping it classy and simple with our XCalibur or Chesapeake collections.

These Club Chairs, Loveseats and Sofas are ideal for this setting and will bring some color and excitement to a place that is normally drab and boring.

Wisconsin Badgers Conference Rooms

The conference room is where important decisions get made every day regarding every aspect of a company or government institution.

Our Home Office Logo Chairs are an ideal fit for any conference room as they have the ability for your organization to brand your logo on the chairs so these decisions can be made while showing the pride in your company or organization.


Not to mention that they are super comfortable and look great, and if your organizations logo happens to change you will not need to purchase new chairs and waste all of that money.

All you would need to do is get new XZipit logo panels and your chairs can display the new logo in seconds.

PC High School Film Room Furniture

Show your schools spirit by joining the many Private Schools, High Schools and other educational institutions that utilize XZipit throughout their facilities.


The DreamSeat Advantage

  • Commercial-Grade Logo Furniture
  • Trusted By Hundreds of Schools
  • High-Quality Logo Embroidery
  • Something For Every Budget
  • Marketing Opportunities with the Patented XZipit System